Sergio Aguero believes Arsenal has a chance of being overtaken.

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Former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero has warned Arsenal. That the Premier League title race is not over yet and there are three teams ready to overtake them to win.

The Gunners are currently at the top of the table, five points behind Manchester City and one game less. With Newcastle and Manchester United following behind. Which Aguero sees that there is still a chance that the three teams joining the top four will have a chance to overtake.

“Whatever it is, it will be Arsenal, City or United,” Aguero told They played brilliantly in the first half of the season.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Manchester City haven’t clicked yet. The Premier League is a highly competitive league. And it’s very normal to see the favorites strengthen and come back to their own standards again UFABET

“It won’t be long for Arsenal or United to get back on track. Both teams have been very successful with Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson and now they are back in the fray.

“City have won four of the last five years, they are still in competition so be careful. They are in second place ready to overtake. Anything can happen in the last few years City know how to play in the Premier League.

“We can’t forget the match against Liverpool in recent years has been narrowly settled, City have the experience of playing at the crucial stages of the season. As a leader, you cannot shake off the feeling that there is a hot competitor following you.”