Liverpool say they won’t sell Diaz after Barcelona approaches him.

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Liverpool has one answer for Barcelona: not to sell Colombian winger Luis Diaz this summer or in the near future. Because it’s in the long-term team building plan.

The Mirror, a British media outlet, reports that Liverpool have closed the possibility of a transfer for Luis Diaz in the near future. Because it’s in the long-term team building plan. After learning of interest from Barcelona, ​​the transfer is unlikely to happen UFABET

News reports citing information from Colombian media indicate that. Barcelona president Joan Laporta had the opportunity to meet with Diaz’s representative. And inquired about the possibility of transferring the team during this summer’s transfer window. And the answer received is that Liverpool have no plans or intentions to sell the 27-year-old winger.

However, even if Liverpool is really willing to consider the offer. It seems unlikely anyway because Barcelona is still stuck in a financial crisis. And still need to find a way to sell players this summer. To reduce the team’s total salary ceiling.

Moreover, Liverpool values ​​Diaz at at least €120 million. Approximately three times higher than when he bought him from Porto in January 2022, a figure that makes Barcelona’s chances of signing him almost impossible center

Diaz is currently the heart of Jurgen Klopp’s attack, having scored 22 goals in 85 games in all competitions for Liverpool. Winning the FA Cup once and the Carabao Cup twice. The current contract is still valid until 2027.