Calzona is concerned that Osimhen deserved a penalty.

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Napoli coach Francesco Calzona believes Victor Osimhen deserved a penalty. And do not understand the duties of the VAR referee without intervention football.

Napoli lost 1-3 to Barcelona in the second game of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. Resulting in their elimination with a score of 2-4 on aggregate. However, there was an incident at Calzona and the Partenope fans. I’m stuck. That was the moment when I should have gotten a penalty UFABET

A still image has been revealed that is quite clear from the moment when Pao Gubarsi. A Barcelona player, stepped on Osimhen foot fully in the penalty area. In addition to the referee not giving a foul, There hasn’t been any intervention yet. From the VAR referee team

“Looking at the picture, It appears to be a penalty. I don’t understand why VAR didn’t intervene in that situation.”

“They should take all the time necessary to make the right decision. It seemed like a clear penalty. And that could change the face of the game.” Calzona said.

In addition to the penalty issue Italian trainer Who manages the Slovakia national team Preparing for Euro 2024. Napoli admitted that Napoli has become a team that encounters problems. When changing the playing system during games.

“We had a chance to equalize. But the change in the playing system at the end It makes us lose our own shape. This is a team that encountered problems when changing their playing system. It was frustrating that we didn’t have a lot of time to practice the different approaches.”