Is deworming necessary? Who has to do it?

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deworming once a year Is it necessary?

This question is asked by many people. whether it is necessary to deworm once a year

  1. WHO recommendations say that in areas where there is an outbreak of parasites that are transmitted through the ground Deworming should be done annually.

1 time if the prevalence is 20-50%

2 times if the prevalence is more than 50% ufabet

Ground-borne worms include hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms.

In Thailand, as far as looking for a paper, the prevalence is less than 20%, so if you ask me if it’s necessary… I’d say “not necessary”.

  1. and likes to eat uncooked food Will I have to buy deworming medication to take once a year?

Some people like to eat raw meat. then afraid to be a parasite in the liver in the biliary tract, in the muscles, tapeworms

So asked if it’s good to buy medicine from a drug store to eat once a year.

I have to ask what medicine to buy and how many days to take it and how do I know if it’s cure or not?

That is, if it is a gastrointestinal roundworm. The treatment time is not complete, it does not disappear, but the number of worms is not large. It usually doesn’t cause severe disease.

But if it’s another position such as liver flukes time is incurable It has long term negative effects. which if the stool is not examin, it is difficult to tell whether it has disappeared or not

It’s probably better to go see a doctor and talk first