6 tips to say goodbye to acne rash Annoying issues

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Acne is a type of acne that looks like a small red acne rash, and in some cases it may also be accompanied by itching. Acne rashes usually occur on the forehead and temples. There are both inflammatory and non-inflammatory types. It is also a problem of acne that bothers girls. So let’s take a look at 6 tips that will help you say goodbye to acne and reveal smooth, beautiful skin naturally.

6 tips to help say goodbye to “pimples”

Wash your face properly.

Getting rid of acne breakouts cannot be done with frequent washing of the face. Because washing your face several times a day stimulates more acne than before. Which washes the face correctly and helps reduce acne breakouts. You should wash your face only 2-3 times a day. During that day it is recommended to wash with clean water. Avoid using warm water and soap for girls who like to exercise. You should wash your face every time after exercising. in order to cleanse the dirt Bacteria and oil on the face

Use gentle formula products.

Various products That helps reduce acne is Products that are gentle on facial skin The products used are not specific to facial skin products only. But it also includes cosmetics, skin care, shampoo or conditioner. The said product must not contain AHA, BHA, Retinoid and Vitamin A acids. Because it may cause irritation to acne rashes.

Use lemon juice to wipe your face.

Using fresh lemon juice mixed with warm water Then use a cotton pad to moisten and wipe the skin on the area with pimples for about 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Do it once a week. It will help reduce acne. Because lemon juice has fruit acids that help exfoliate dead skin cells. It also helps make the pores cleaner.

Mask your face with tomatoes.

Applying finely blended tomatoes to the face for about 1 hour can treat acne and rashes as well because tomatoes contain lycopene. Beta-carotene Including various types of vitamins that have a positive effect on the facial skin. ยูฟ่าเบท

Mask your face with egg whites.

A simple way to treat acne that you can do is Apply egg whites all over your face for about 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This method is considered to drive toxins out of the face. In the beginning, it may cause acne to flare up, but after 2-3 days, the acne will noticeably decrease.

Protect your skin from sunlight.

Of course, sunlight and heat are one of the main factors. that causes acne to appear on the face Therefore, exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided. If you cannot avoid sunlight at all. It is necessary to apply sunscreen with SPF 15 PA+++, including sun protection through various methods such as opening an umbrella or wearing a hat to block the sun, etc.