4 lifestyles digital age unknowingly threaten “health”

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lifestyles in the digital age unknowingly threaten the “health” of the new generation. in the digitalization era with the development of advanced technology as tools To help facilitate people in their daily lives, which results in lifestyle and living behavior. May change If we do not realize or aware of those behaviors It may become lifestyles a factor that negatively affects  health  in the long term without our knowledge. 

Dr. Akira Limsuwat, a specialist in antiaging and regenerative medicine from the “Gray Rak Health by Mor Ja” page, received an invitation to “Suntory Beverage & Food”. Thailand” to share  health problems  that may be bothering people in modern times. Along with recommending good tips for taking care and  restoring health  to return to full strength. Support by http://ufabet999.com

Information about health problems.

That people nowadays tend to ignore. diseases Most of them no longer show up in old age. Because healthy is not limite to having no disease. But it means a healthy body, active, powerful, including good mental health. 

Nowadays, we see a lot of health problems. That happen to the new generation. without even detecting congenital diseases. Which may cause by personal behavior that we do unconsciously

Let’s see from the checklist. What risky behaviors are “new generations” facing?

Behavior 1 : Move less :  

In a world driven by technology that provides convenience such as food or product delivery services. cause the movement to decrease working or studying from home for long periods of time This leads to longer working hours or more off time. It affects sleep time. 

Therefore, try to increase movement during the day. And can supplement with a supplement of extracted chicken soup that refreshes the brain and relieves fatigue as well. Or concentrated ginseng extract drink that is rich in B vitamins to nourish the nervous system and brain.

Behavior 2 : Staring at the screen more : 

Using more eyes on the phone or computer screen. Whether from working or watching series, it can make your eyes tired. You should rest your eyes from the screen every hour for a short time, 3-5 minutes. Can supplemented with concentrated fruit drink lifestyles  Helps to nourish eyes, skin and boost immunity. Foods or products containing  vitamin A, vitamin E, C and zinc.

Behavior 3 : Cumulative Stress : 

Nowadays, everyone has to face many problems. whether from the epidemic situation Including the changing economic and social situations. There is a part that results in the new generation having stress and mental health problems. Not quite a bit more

Look for recreational activities and give yourself a small reward by removing yourself from everyday life, such as going on vacation. Including meeting and talking with a psychiatrist is normal. And can be supplemented with real bird’s nest that helps strengthen immunity with superfood like “NANA” (NANA) and the benefits of  16 types of amino acids , including useful sialic acid. It also has antiaging properties to nourish the skin.

Behavior 4: neglecting self-care:  

When using the body hard without getting enough rest lifestyles Our bodies may deteriorate. Fatigue and accumulated stress It will show on the outside through the skin that does not shine under the eyes and the face looks tired and unhealthy.

Should be supplemented with foods or drinks rich in vitamins and phytonutrients.