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Is deworming necessary? Who has to do it?

deworming once a year Is it necessary? This question is asked by many people. whether it is necessary to deworm once a year 1 time if the prevalence is 20-50% 2 times if the prevalence is more than 50% ufabet Ground-borne worms include hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. In

Haaland doesn’t care just sends Man City to win the title.

Erling Haaland, Manchester City’s top striker, insists he doesn’t care if he can score a goal or not. In the 2023 UEFA Champions League final. When the most important thing is that Manchester City can beat Inter Milan 1-0 to complete the historic “Triple Championship”. After continuing to score goals throughout the season Turns

Liverpool in the pursuit of Manu Kone from Gladbach.

Florian Plettenberg has released an update on the progress of the transfer of Borussia Monchen gladbach star Manu Kone to Liverpool from the Premier League . that was in the news a few days ago After the Reds successfully completed the deal for Alexis Mac Allister from Brighton. The

West Ham denounces fans as more than 30 people arrested

West Ham have issued a statement denouncing their fans. After the incident, throwing things onto the field hit Cristiano Birachi, a Fiorentina player until his head broke. The Aftermath of the UEFA Europa Conference League Finals On Wednesday night. Although David Moyes’ team was hoping to win